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From September 2019, we are waiting you in our new hall:

1139 Budapest, Lomb utca 45., Corner Hotel Angyalföld

Who are we?

SD Zumba Budapest
1139 Budapest, Lomb utca 45. (corner of Lomb utca and Rozsnyay utca; entry from Lomb utca)
Corner Hotel Angyalföld

How to get there:

4-min walk from Forgách utca M3 metro station 

SD Zumba was founded at the beginning of 2017 by ZJ Stanislava Chalova (Stasia) and Zsuzsanna Márton-Szűcs (Zsu) with the “mission” to provide quality Zumba classes, a welcoming community, fun activities, and opportunities for learning and growth to those interested.

Our primary objective is to make sure everyone has a good time! We aspire to create a friendly, familial space for growth and the pursuit of your idividual objectives. Everyone is welcome to enjoy opportunities from complete beginner to stage appearances!

At our scheduled classes you can familiarize yourself with the basics of Zumba®, but you are also welcome if you aspire for more. Stasia is one of the most qualified and authentic sources to learn from; being an official Zumba® Jammer, her job is to offer trainings to Zumba® instructors – therefore, should you wish to move to higher levels, this is the place to be!

For more details and videos please visit:

Web: www.sdzumba.hu/sd-youtube
Facebook: @sdzumbabudapest 


Class schedule

Registration for the classes is strongly encouraged (so we may keep you posted on changes or updates), so please contact us either on Facebook or at info@sdzumba.hu!  

Looking forward to having you join us!

SD Zumba